About the Delaware Valley Branch

The Delaware Valley Branch is the local association of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. As such the Branch seeks to further the goals of the Society by promoting Scottish country dance through classes and social events for members and the general public. We aim to share this dance form throughout the Delaware Valley.
The Branch offers a unique experience to our members and the public by encouraging physical fitness through energetic dancing and enjoyment of Scottish music in the region’s vast multicultural environment.

About the RSCDS

The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society serves anyone interested in traditional Scottish country dancing and music.
The RSCDS has been teaching Scottish country dancing since 1923 and is acknowledged as the leading organization for this expression of Scotland’s rich cultural heritage.
With Branches and groups on every continent, the world is your oyster! Whoever you are, wherever you are, you can come along and be part of our worldwide dance community. We run a wealth of classes at all levels as well as workshops, social dances and special events for our members.
Dance Scottish…for fun….for fitness….for friendship.

Branch Volunteers

  1. Special Event Organizers:
    • Delaware Ball: Margaret Sarner and Kathy Hutchison
    • Hogmanay Ball : Geoffrey and Cecily Selling
    • Garden Party: Geoffrey and Cecily Selling
    • The Branch Ceilidh: Dan Emery
    • General ceilidh dances: (none scheduled this year)
  2. Performance Team:
    • Steven Rusche and Larry Miller
  3. Classes and Socials
    • Teacher Convenor:Justin Giacoletti
    • Social Dance Coordinator: Melissa Shaner
    • Social Dance Music Coordinator: Jane Roberts
    • Delaware County Tea Coordinator: Pam Detrixhe and Paul Schultz
    • Chestnut Hill Socials Tea Coordinator: Cecily Selling and Geoffrey Selling
    • Crosslands Coordinator: Jeanne Wilson
  4. Class Hosts
    • Delaware County Social Class: Pam Detrixhe/Paul Schultz
    • Moylan Advanced:
    • Chestnut Hill Basic: Chrissa Pedersen
    • Newark: Katherine Hutchison backed up by Lynne Wellmaker and Darlene Ramsey
  5. Keeping the wheels turning
    • Monthly e-mail update: Cecily Selling
    • FB and Publicity: Kim Boice
    • Website: Chrissa Pedersen
    • Membership: Cecily Selling
    • Sound Equipment Purchase Coordinator: Jenny Beer
    • CD Collection: Christen (Chrissy) Gore and Geoffrey Selling
    • Dance Database: Denny Kilp
    • TAC Liason: Geoffrey Selling