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General Class Information

Pricing for all classes unless otherwise stated: drop-in fee $10, students $5. Participants who are members of RSCDS through another affiliated branch may purchase a ‘classes-only’ membership for $40. /new-dancer-faqs”>See New Dancer FAQs
Learn more about our /locations”>Class Locations

Regular Classes:

Class Name: Chestnut Hill Class
When: Tuesdays 7:30 pm (September – June, some exceptions, check calendar)
Contact: Christen Gore

Social Classes:

Class Name: Delaware County Social Class is open to dancers who have completed 8 weeks of basic Scottish dance instruction at the Chestnut Hill Basic class (see Basic Class above)
When: Mondays 7:30 pm (September – May)
Teacher: Cecily Selling
Contact: Cecily Selling 215-248-5998

Advanced Classes:

Class Name: Moylan Advanced Class
When: 1st Fridays 8:00 pm (September – June)
Where: Private home of Alfred and Eleanor Hurd, near Media, PA
Teacher: Kate Nealley
Contact: Alfred Hurd 610-565-2110

Combined Classes (Basic and Social):

Class Name: Newark Combined Class
When: Mondays 7:30 pm (all year)
Other information: The first part of the evening is for new dancers. In accordance with the wishes of the church, there is no class fee, but money is collected at Socials for the church’s expenses.

Class Name: Crosslands Class
When: Thursdays Open Class Experienced Class – 7:15 PM (all year)
Where: /locations”>Bryn Mawr College
Teachers: Justin Giacoletti
Contact: Justin Giacoletti
Other information: This class is oriented towards teaching college students, but welcomes experienced Scottish dancers from the community. If you are not a college student, please consult with the teacher before attending.
Web site:

Class Name: Swarthmore College Folk Dance Club
When: Tuesday nights, 7:00pm (during school year)

Ladies’ Step and Highland Classes:

If you are interested in Ladies’ Step dancing or Highland dancing, there are occasional classes and unofficial sessions. Contact Kate Nealley for Ladies’ Step or Kathy Giacoletti for Highland.

Children’s Classes:

If you are interested in a children’s class please send a message to our email address

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society - Delaware Valley Branch