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Morstein Workday Saturday October 6, 2012

The Morstein workday date has been set!
The target date is Saturday, October 6.
Donuts and bagels will arrive at 9:00 am.
We will gather until about 9:30 and then start work. Later arrivals are also welcome!

The current plan is to do plant control types of things, although that could change. So, attendees should bring gloves, pruners, saws, etc…
As per Paul’s usual practice, October 6 is the planned date and the rain date spills to Sunday and then the next weekend; the rain date will be on the first good day in the order of October 7, October 13 and finally October 14.

Paul will try to call a rain date with as much warning as possible. This is easy for terrible weather like hurricanes, but it is more tricky for typical weather. So, if you desire to be notified of any cancellations

Please leave a message by one of these means:
484 433 0904 cell
610 284 6346 home

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Royal Scottish Country Dance Society - Delaware Valley Branch