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Scottish Country Dancing in Other Areas

Scottish country dance is a worldwide phenomenon. Check out these links for other opportunities to dance, both near and far.


Boston Branch


Lehigh Valley

New Jersey

New York


Susquehanna Folk Music Society

Includes Scottish country dancing in the Lancaster Area

Washington, DC

The Intercity Scot
An information source about Scottish country dancing activities in Canada and the United States.


One of the most extensive set of USA folk dance and music links on the web.

Pinewoods Scottish Sessions & English Scottish Session
Various Scottish Sessions sponsored by the Boston Branch of the RSCDS held at Pinewoods Camp near Plymouth, Massachusetts

Scottish Weekend at Timber Ridge
A Scottish dancing weekend held in Highview, West Virginia

Spring Fling East
A Scottish dancing weekend specifically designed for younger dancers held in Bryn Mawr, PA.

Folk Dancing in the Philadelphia Area

Check out these sites for more information on other opportunities for folk dancing in the Philadelphia area.

Seven Day Guide
A day by day guide to all sorts of dance in and around Philadephia

Swarthmore College Folk Dance Club

Bryn Mawr College Scottish Dance Club

Germantown Country Dancers
English Country Dance, Community Dance, Longsword, Garland, Colonial Dance

Regional Dance Listing
Listings for Country Dance, Contra Dance, and other Anglo/American dance groups in the Philadelphia region

Glenside Contra
A Thursday Night Contra Dance held in Glenside, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Folk Song Society
The PFSS presents, sponsors and promotes a wide range of programs including the Philadelphia Folk Festival.

Scottish Country Dance Articles & Resources

Looking for a specific dance or an article about a Scottish Dance topic? These sites might help.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society
The parent organization for all branches of the RSCDS.

TAC – Teacher’s Association of Canada
A resource for teachers of Scottish country dancing

Strathspey Server
Includes a listserv and an extensive archive of Scottish country dance conversations. Also includes a dance database.

Grand Chain
Includes an extensive list of articles on SCD as well as information on Ceilidh dances and dance bands.

Dance Data
A database of dances, tunes, people, publications, recordings and albums.

A database of instructions for almost 4000 dances. Create your own cheat-sheet in minutes.

Scottish Dance CD Index
This index lists, in alphabetical order, all the dances for which the music is available on CD, and the album on which it is to be found.

Scottish Dance Archives

This site lists dances from the Donald Collection held at the Central Library in Edinburgh.

Tartans of Scotland
A complete register of all publicly known tartans.

House of Tartan
Search for a tartan by name or color.

Take the Floor

A radio show from BBC Scotland featuring Scottish Dance music with Robbie Shepherd. (The longest running radio show in Scotland.)

Dance Injuries
Extensive compilation of information on preventing and healing injuries specific to dance.

The Briscoe’s Dance Site
A compendium of information useful to Scottish country dancers

SCD Articles
Info about Scottish country Dance maintained by the Folk Dance Association

Dancing on Campus
Notes for anyone starting or leading a campus based dance group.

Library of Congress Dance Texts

A rich collection of several hundred dance manuals including names such as Playford, Walsh, Young, etc.

Scottish Music & Songs

Whether you are looking for a local band to hire, need to find a specific tune, or just want to learn more about Scottish music, these sites should help.

Check out this great local band!

Tune Search
Search and access thousands of Scottish/Irish/English traditional tunes.

Music Sets
Search and find sets of tunes for individual dances.

Scottish Fiddling
History and Information about the fiddle and its importance to Scottish Music

18th Century Scottish Music
A history of Scottish Music

Skinner Collection

Skinner was a key figure in Scottish Music. This site includes the Skinner Collection as well as video clips for dances.

Scottish Songs
Lyrics to Scottish Songs

Scottish Specialty Shops

Looking for a certain collection of Scottish dances or shoes or a kilt? Check out these sites for all sorts of items related to Scottish country dance.

Headquarters sells all in-print RSCDS books, audio and video recordings and RSCDS accessories.

Scottish Dance Videos
Videos for Highland, Ladies’ Step, Scottish Country and RSCDS History

San Francisco Branch Bookstore
Includes publications, recordings, and videos from the California area as well as other areas.

TAC Bookstore
Includes all sorts of dance books and recordings for Scottish country dance.

St. Andrews Shoemakers
Formerly James Senior – a great resource for dance shoes.

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Royal Scottish Country Dance Society - Delaware Valley Branch