Chairman’s Corner: Fall 2010

Too early to think about next summer? Not really! In general, if we make plans, things actually happen. Often when we leave things to chance, we miss opportunities. Here is one not-to-miss event!

Many Delaware Valley Scottish dancers attend Pinewoods dance camp in early and mid-July for the Scottish or English/Scottish sessions up in Massachusetts and have a wonderful time there. A few make the pilgrimage to St. Andrews for the RSCDS Summer School held each July and early August. Recent attendees have raved about the dancing, the music, the food!!, and the friendliness and community spirit.

But for those for whom the dates don’t work, or Pinewoods may be too rustic, and for whom a flight to Scotland is too pricey, there is another excellent option right here in North America. That is the TAC Summer School! In fact, many dancers and teachers attend BOTH Summer Schools: TAC and St. Andrews.

The acronym TAC refers to the Teachers Association of Canada, which is basically a teacher network, a support group and conduit of SCD resources and training. But TAC also offers an excellent Summer School with world-class musicians and teachers, a friendly spirit and all kinds of fun traditions of its own. There are themed party nights, a special night of Old Time dancing taught by Ruth Jappy, a ceilidh, a ball and all kinds of interesting and special afternoon class options. Though the majority of the attendees are from North America, there is usually a contingent from Japan and quite a number from the UK, France and Germany. The spirit is incredibly friendly and welcoming and the atmosphere engaging but relaxing.

This coming year, the TAC Summer School will be held at Bishop¿s University in Sherbrooke, Quebec, from July 24-31st. Teachers include Fred DeMarse, Eric Finley (from Scotland!), Patricia Houghton, Mervyn Short (London!) and Bill Zobel (from Scotland by way of Vancouver Island!). This is really an all-star teaching cast. And the music … oh the music! Elke Baker, Bobby and Laird Brown, Muriel Johnstone, Keith Smith and James Gray. This is an over-the-top musical line-up!

There are classes for all levels and an incredible array of speciality classes on various dance-related themes.

So put July 24-31 on your calendar and consult the TAC website for more details: If you want first-hand reports, ask Bob and Marge Williams or Cecily and myself. We’re regulars and plan to return to TAC often!