Spring Fling East Ball – March 12, 2011

Reception 7:30pm Grand March 8:00pm
Thomas Great Hall, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr PA.

Music by Glenfiddle – Josh Burdick (Fiddle), Jane Roberts (Cello), Melissa Running (Piano), Nora Smith (Fiddle) – with Special Guest Calum Pasqua (Fiddle/Pipes)

All dancers are welcome. Tea will be provided. Pre-registration is appreciated, but tickets will be available at the door $25 per person.

For more information and to register for the Ball visit: www.springflingeast.org

Email Christen Gore or Arianna Vogt at: springflingeast@gmail.com

The ball is part of Spring Fling East, a Scottish dance weekend (March 11-13) tailored for younger dancers (age 18-35). Join us as we enjoy great teachers, fun classes, and wonderful music! All experience levels are welcome.

Teachers: Steven Rusche (Ambler, PA) and Ralph Stoddard (Silver Spring, MD)

Chairman’s Corner: Winter 2011

Remember the bumper sticker that read, “Have You Thanked a Green Plant Today?” Here’s a Scottish country dancer version of that sticker: “Have you thanked your teacher today?”

Because we pay for classes and sometimes travel long distances in inclement weather to get there, it’s easy to take the class experience for granted. Your teachers work as volunteers, often throughout the year. They show up in all weather, even when they are “too busy” to teach, or have a cold or a family event. When students “don’t feel like going out tonight,” their teachers show up, even if they feel the same way. They get to class early, unlock, help move furniture, carry heavy equipment and then organize locking up and carrying the equipment back. Those classes, which seem effortless, are actually well thought-out exercises, with music to match and a smooth build-up to the complex material. They take a lot longer to create than many folks realize. Many teachers spend more time creating a class than they do teaching it.

Just to earn starting credentials, your teachers took rigorous courses and daunting exams, at considerable expense to themselves. They maintain large collections of written instructions for dances and music too—at their own expense.

They greet people, learn folks’ names and are constantly having to adjust their lesson plans because of peculiar numbers, or the sudden arrival of a new student. If someone gets hurt, everyone turns to the teacher for guidance.

The Branch teachers work very hard to bring you the best in Scottish country dancing. I encourage everyone to take that little bit of time to say ‘Thanks’ at the end of a lesson, to lead a round of applause for the teacher, or to send them a note of thanks at the year’s end, or perhaps bring in a small bouquet or baked item as a token of appreciation. The Delaware Valley Branch teachers are a dedicated and talented lot. Please take a moment to appreciate them every now and then.

February Workshop Weekend with Robert McOwen

We are very excited to be welcoming Robert McOwen (Arlington, MA) to the Delaware Valley to teach a general class (Friday night) and a teachers’ workshop (Saturday) during the weekend of February 25-26, 2011. Robert is a renown teacher of Scottish Country Dancing, as well as highland and step dancing (and you can ask him math questions too). This is a great opportunity to learn from one of the finest teachers (and dancers) around! In addition to the class and workshop, there will be a social dance Saturday night, led by Jill Emery, making this a weekend to warm you up in the middle of winter, with lots of dancing and socializing. Melissa Running and Adam Oleska will be playing for the class and workshop, joined by Dan Emery and Jane Roberts Saturday night. So if you’re worried about making it through all the weekend’s dancing, have no fear: these terrific musicians will keep the energy level up!

The Friday night class is open to all dancers. The Saturday workshop is intended for teachers and experienced dancers with interest in teaching Scottish Country Dancing. Lunch on Saturday is available if ordered in advance. In addition, Geoffrey and Cecily Selling are offering their home to those from out of town who would like a place to rest and put their feet up (and have a bite to eat) between the workshop and the evening dance on Saturday. Please contact them if you are interested so they know how many to expect All events will take place at St. Paul’s in Chestnut Hill. Detailed directions, times, and price information are available here. If you have questions about any of the events, please contact Kathy Giacoletti.