Morstein Swim-Picnic-Dance June 18

Morstein Swim-Picnic-Dance – Saturday June 18, 2011
Swim & Picnic: 4:00pm ——- Dance: 7:00 pm

Come to the Morstein Estate of John & Betty Lewis in Malvern and enjoy an afternoon of swimming, picnicking, and good company followed by a dance in their renovated barn. Swimming and picnic will begin at 4pm. The dance will begin @ 7pm with LIVE music provided by Dave Wiesler & Friends.

For the picnic dinner bring your own meal with something to share. Bring a ready-to-serve tea item for after the dance. The weather may be warm at this time of year, so bring a fan and an extension cord if it’s hot. Directions included in the weekly & monthly e-mails sent by the Branch, but feel free to contact us if you require them.

Fee: FREE, in return for helping them maintain the native plants on their property during the annual Morstein Work Day (July 30th 2011)…details to be announced.

See attached Morstein Flyer

Dowload Morstein Crib

Chairman’s Corner: April, 2001

In the never-ending search to keep the Branch vital and working well for its members, the Executive realized that it’s time to change the dates of the Morstein picnic and dance.

For those unfamiliar with Morstein, it is a large estate with a nice barn (unheated!) for dancing and a swimming pool located in Malvern, PA. Each year, in exchange for being able to have an event or two at Morstein, we perform some needed garden chores at the Morstein Workday, now organized by Paul Schultz. This year the work day will be held on Saturday July 30 see the News and Events page for more details.

Traditionally, the Branch has opened the dancing season with a Labor Day weekend picnic, swimming in the Morstein pool and a casual dance in the barn. But attendance has fallen off for a variety of reasons. Some folks aren’t back from vacations, others go away for a last fling that weekend, and many people have family or neighborhood picnics or barbecues to attend. The picnic and dance just didn’t draw the numbers we’d hoped.

So…….we are trying out a new time of year: June!! The thinking is that in June, most people are still around and aren’t off on summer travels yet. The Morstein picnic, swim and dance will be on June 18th. The water should be warm, the weather not too hot for dancing and June is a wonderful month for partying in the Delaware Valley. Terry Harvey is our organizer. Watch for notices, a flyer and news on the website about this event.

The Executive thinks this date switch may infuse the Morstein dance with some new energy and better attendance. Come on out and party! Then come and add your sweat equity on the July 30 Work Day for the use of this lovely location.