Book 50 Mini-workshop and Social St. Martin – Sept 24th @ 6:45pm

Come to learn some of the dances in Book 50, written by young Scottish Country Dancers, at a workshop led by Cecily Selling with live music. The workshop begins at 6:45PM. We will do some of the harder dances in the first half hour. During the social dance from 7:30 to 10:00, we will do some of the easier dances. This workshop will be followed by another at a later date on the other half of the dances.

When: Saturday, Sept 24th Book 50 Mini-workshop @ 6:45pm, Dance @ 7:30PM

Be sure to bring a tea item to share.
Fee: $12 RSCDS members/$15 non-members/$8 students/$5 kids (over 6 yrs)