As Chaucer said, “All things come to an end.” The specific thing that is coming to an end for the Delaware Valley Branch is the paper newsletter. We have so few people who have requested it that it is not practical to put the time into publishing it any more. This summer’s newsletter was the last. All of the information included in the newsletter is now available on the website with reminders sent through monthly or weekly e-mails.

I bring you greetings from many dancers in Japan. Geoffrey and I spent two wonderful weeks there in July. Though we do not speak any Japanese besides hello, please and thank you, we were able to communicate well while teaching Scottish Country Dancing. Our hosts (and there were many) were attentive, generous and fun to be with. We invited them all to come to the Delaware Valley, especially at Hogmanay. (I just hope they don’t all come at the same time…) Since their classes are three hours long, I don’t’ think they would have a problem with our marathon ball.

Cecily Selling (Yes, another Selling as branch chairman)