The Delaware Valley Branch is thrilled to announce the creation of a 50th anniversary book of Scottish country dances by current and former branch members, many with original tunes by Delaware Valley musicians. Thirty four dances were submitted, and were tested out by a group of over 20 stooges on November 16.

It was a glorious day celebrating the creativity of our devisors, musicians and the skill and enthusiasm of our teachers and dancers. Soon we’ll have a list here of the dances that were selected.

Based on feedback from detailed questionnaires, 24 dances have been selected for Delaware Valley Gold (titles subject to change):

AFLOOGA, by Vallorie Peridier
An Absurd Number of Cucumber Sandwiches by Darbus Oldham
Before the Storm, by Steven Rusche
Bordeaux en Belle, by Geoffrey Wood
Cailin Rua, by Katherine Giacoletti
The Crum Creek Hornpipe, by Becky Birtha
The Fearsome Fivesome, by Jessica Emery, Ben Kurtze, Jocelyn Kurtze, Sara Nealley, and
Daniel Potter
The Garden Party, by Dan Blim
The Golden Jubilee Quadrille, by Geoffrey Selling
Jane’s Flying Cello by Ed Nealley
Katherine Hamilton, by Kate Nealley
The Lansdowne Strathspey, by Jenny Beer et al.
Longborough Lanterns, by Melissa Shaner
The Morstein Hornpipe, by Dave Wiesler
Off to Arden by Jill Emery
The Pittsburgh Rake, by Seth Weidner
Sleepwalking, by Katherine Giacoletti
The Slingshot, by Kathy Clark
Tarble-in-Clothier, by Melissa Shaner
To Be Named Later, by Scott Higgs
Trip to Tarble, by Kathy Clark
UPWL28, by Dave Wiesler
The Wind’s Twelve Quarters, by Kate Nealley
The Written Examination, by Jenny Beer

Physical copies will be available at our 50th anniversary celebration in April. Thank you toeveryone who made and is making this book possible!