Time: 9:00am
Location: See monthly email for directions

This year’s work day will consist of some rock moving and hauling to help prevent erosion on the stream banks. Here is everything you need to know about the day courtesy of Paul Schultz. He is chairing the work day so if you have any questions please drop him a line. (mailto:paulschultz1000@gmail.com)

I’ll have bagels, donuts and coffee ready at 9:00am.

As always, bring shovels, picks, work gloves and a dry pair of shoes. A wheelbarrow or two or three will also help (I’ll bring ours).

Since this is at a warmer time of year and moving rocks can be a lot of exertion we need to be careful of excess heat. So, in the event of a rain or heat cancellation we will either have to spill to the next day or to the next weekend.

This is the schedule of the target day with the rain/heat makeup days:

Saturday, July 30 – Primary Date!!
Sunday, July 31 – 1st rain date
Saturday, August 6 – 2nd rain date
Sunday, August 7 – 3rd rain date

Special instructions:
Betty asks the attendees to drive slowly because of very active kittens. Also, don’t leave cars parked with windows open far enough that the kittens can get inside the cars.