When: Sat, March 10, 8pm – 10pm
Where: Swarthmore College

Visiting musician George Meikle (Music Director- RSCDS) & friends will get your feet moving during this Ball held in the Tarble All-Campus Hall at Swarthmore College. Then return on Sunday at 11am for a potluck brunch followed by dancing at 1pm.

Fees: Members- $20/ball, $15/brunch, or $30/both; Non-members- $25/ball, $20/brunch, $40/both; Students- $15/ball, $10/brunch, or $20/both

Contact Christen Gore via the Branch email for more information: delvalrscds@gma​il.com

See attached Spring Ball Flyer 2012

See attached Spring Ball & Brunch 2012 Cheatsheet